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Flow Film Festival - Themis Interview


Είχαμε την ευκαιρία να κάνουμε μερικές ερωτήσεις στον Θέμη λίγες ημέρες πριν την επερχόμενη πρεμιέρα της ταινίας που ετοίμαζε όλη την περασμένη σαιζόν και η οποία θα προβληθεί,

στα πλαίσια του Flow Film Festival που θα γίνει σε Αθήνα, Θεσσαλονίκη και Βόλο στις 5,6 και 11/12 αντίστοιχα.
Δείτε τι μας απάντησε και κλείστε εισιτήριο όσο προλαβαίνετε! Αυτό το Σάββατο εμείς θα είμαστε στο Village Cinemas στο Ρέντι για να περάσουμε ωραία και να δούμε την πολυαναμενόμενη ταινία "The thing about Greece"

1. Hello Themis! Whats your story mate?

Erm… I grew up in Athens, the obvious place to start snowboarding right? and after living in the UK and New Zealand for a while, I’m back.

2.You are a snowboarder for how many years and for how many a filmmaker?

I’ve been snowboarding since I was 13 I think. I started on Parnasso on a school trip. I’ve been making films for about 5 years now, but this is definitely my biggest so far.

3.How did you come up with the idea of making a movie for snowboarding in Greece?

Last year when I started this whole project it was really only supposed to be a short doco about the history of snowboarding in greece, but after some of the guys I met took me to see some of their favourite spots on Parnasso and Vasilitsa, I immediately realised there was a much more important and interesting story here.
So after raising some money through crowdfunding and some small sponsorships I continued filming for another season and… well the rest is history.

4.Your movie premieres in a few days and we are really curious to see how winter feels in Greece through your eyes. Your coming to Greece was something spontaneous or something that you always had in the back of your mind?

Coming back to Athens wasn’t something I had been thinking about for a long time, but for various reasons it seemed like a good idea, and I’m happy I did.

5.Whats your take on snowboarding nowadays. How do you see things going?

Snowboarding is definitely progressing more towards the backcountry I think. Hitting the park or even just the pistes is awesome, don’t get me wrong, but there are more and more riders exploring fresh terrain and figuring out how they can interact with their mountains in a new way.

6.Any big influences as far as movies are concerned and riding of course...?

All Mack Dawg flicks, DCP, huge fan of Rusty Toothbrush! Brainfarm have been making some amazing movies too. Riding… mullera and john jackson.

7.As a cinematographer and a person which are some core values or even a moto that accompanies your take on how you are documenting things?

Not sure what you mean exactly, but I guess I just try and stay true to reality, and let the story kind of tell itself.

8.From all the delicacies of greek cuisine which are your favorites ones...

λαχανοντολμάδες χωρίς κρέας με σταφίδες..

9.Do you have a crazy story that happened to you throughout your whole filming for the documentary, you want to share with us.

Haha this one time in Crete, we were driving across the island and saw this abandoned sunken village, so we went to check it out with Billy and Badio.
Next minute we’re in a tiny boat, Badio is in his underwear and we’re rowing the boat over houses and through antennas. It was so surreal. It’s in the film too haha!

Thanks mate. See you this Saturday!

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Flow Film Festival - Themis Interview